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Welcome to the
Freshwater Invertebrate
Survey of Suffolk.

Site Information Section

First published on 15th August 1997, this site aims to provide up to date, basic data on the invertebrate fauna of the ponds and rivers in the county of Suffolk in England. This is the second major revision of the site, begun after I retired from teaching. Retirement has meant a lot more surveying and maintaining the county database and other projects has slowed progress on this site somewhat. However eventually thatI hope the whole FISS site will gradually be rewritten in it's new format.

What my site contains

These pages are aimed at students, amateur and professional entomologists and also provide a feedback service for members of the Suffolk Naturalists' Society, for whom I act as county recorder. Eventually all recorded species will appear here along with limited data about their distribution.
These pages also provide a space to publish observations and information by myself or by other entomologists about freshwater related issues.

My site also hosts White Admiral, the on line version of the Suffolk Naturalists' Magazine. This contains a wealth of articles and photos on the general natural history of Suffolk and all issues back to Summer 1998 are freely available to read.
In addition the SNS website is also hosted on this site. Suffolk Naturalists have been recording the natural history of Suffolk since 1929. Please read the SNS pages and find out more.

Over the years many, many queries have come in by e-mail. If anyone is thinking of writing it is worth reminding people that I spend the limited time at my disposal in identifying invertebrates in Suffolk and maintaining a county database, I do only little ecological research at present. Queries about specific types of invertebrates are therefore likely to get more informed answers than questions about ecosystems, though I am happy to relay personal observations.

Site maintained by
Adrian Chalkley.

FISS was the first UK web page devoted to county freshwater recording.
As far as I know it is still the only one.
I would welcome any information, questions, records or comments that anyone would care to make, e-mail details in the menu on the left.

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