The Cladocera Interest Group




Our first newsletter was sent out to members at the end of March 2011, our current issue is number 8 from March 2016. Below you will find links to download all of them. It is hoped that we will be able to produce our next in Winter 2017. To that end please feel free to submit records and other relevant material by email.

Each newsletter will appear below for download with the latest also on the home page.
You can also read all newsletters on line with the ISSUU web based e-reader, just click on this link.

A left click on the links below will open the newsletter in a new browser window, right click and choose save link to copy the file to your hard disk. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read the pdf files.

Newsletter 1 ........ Spring 2011 ..... filename "Clad_News_01.pdf" 453 kb

Newsletter 2 ... Winter 2011/12 ..... filename "Clad_News_02.pdf" 801 kb

Newsletter 3 ... Winter 2012/13 ..... filename "Clad_News_03.pdf" 894 kb

Newsletter 4 ... Summer 2013 ..... filename "Clad_News_04.pdf" 1909 kb

Newsletter 5 ... Spring 2014 ..... filename "Clad_News_05.pdf" 4938 kb

Newsletter 6 ... Winter 2014 ..... filename "Clad_News_06.pdf" 3633 kb

Newsletter 7 ... Winter 2015 ..... filename "Clad_News_07.pdf" 8738 kb

Newsletter 8 ... Winter 2016 ..... filename "Clad_News_08.pdf" 13992 kb

Please e mail comments, records, photos and articles for the next newsletter to: