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Most of the links on this page are relevant to either the study of or identification of water fleas. Other links contain useful information on microscope techniques or recommended suppliers of microscopes suitable for work on water fleas. Links open in a new browser window.

If you would like to suggest a link for this page the please let us know by email to If you run a website with material on Cladocera perhaps we can exchange reciprocol links. If you spot a broken link we would appreciate an email to report it.

Websites on the Study of Cladocera

Cladocera Collecion: This website is by Vladimír Korínek, Professor Emeritus Department of Ecology, Faculty of Science Charles University, Prague. He has collected Cladocera for over 50 years all over the world and the site has several photos and many pages of data about his collections. The 'Methods' collection. has a great deal of information which will be of help to anyone starting collecting, preserving and storing specimens.

Microscopy-UK website: Entitled 'A Virtual Pond Dip' this part of their website has several pages on water fleas as well as others on Protozoa, Tardigrades, Hydra etc. There are some pages on techniques of collection and examination.

Key to Cladocera by Claude Amoros: The key detailed on our Identification page. (This key has recently been giving problems but is now working again.)

European Daphnia Species - information on a digital key: This is an explanatory page for an on line key from Czech researchers on the Daphnia of Europe and the Mediterranean. To try the on line interactive key go to:
European Daphnia Species - interactive digital key: You will need Flash enabled in your browser to run the key.

An Image-Based Key To The Zooplankton Of The Northeast (USA): Another approach to an on line key, although obviously using a different species list to that of the British Isles.

Cladocera: A Short Course: An on line course by group member Catherine Duigan. Covering many topics from Taxonomy, Morphology and Life History to Water Chemistry, Palaeolimnology and much more. Well worth a read.

Websites with useful photographs of Cladocera

Graham Matthews Microscopy pages : Contains several pages on microscopes and microscopy techniques with a slant towards home made equipment. There is also a section on Grahams photos of water fleas.