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1 Revised British Species List         2 Dave Bentley's Amoros conversion list
        3 NINA Species Posters         4 Recording Spreadsheet
        5 D.G.Frey collection of Cladoceran Literature (lodged in the Smithsonian) see Newsletter 8
        6 Key to the known Bosminidae of Britain and the Netherlands

        The purpose of this page is to provide links to various useful files relevant to the study of Cladocera which may be downloaded free of charge. Newsletters are available on their own page, see link on the left. The group have released an updated British species list which may be found below.

        If members have files they have found useful we also welcome their submission to store on this site for the benefit of others providing any copyright holders agree. Generally files are freely available to all web users though it is possible in the future that more sensitive information may be in a protected area.

Submitting Files for Download

Please send any files you want to suggest for this section of the site to


Species Checklist for the British Isles.

    The existing species list for the British Isles as published in Scourfield & Harding, 1966 and on the old RA31 record card from the BRC, has been updated by members of this group and is available to download in the form of the 3 files detailed below. The list now includes the species codes from the Biological Records Centre as used on the new record card RA32, which can be downloaded from http:/

This is the basic species list in pdf format
The same list as an Excel spreadsheet, useful to make your own record sheet
These notes describe the amendments, additions and deletions, complete with references and acknowledgements.

An update list for the key by Amoros .

    This document has been produced by one of our members, Dave Bentley. It allows users to annotate a copy of Amoros in line with the new species checklist for Britain & Ireland. You can easily update the species names and note the species in Amoros that do not occur in Britain & Ireland. Dave also shows where in Amoros most of the few unlisted British species would key out. There will then remain only two species, both listed as 'Species Inquirenda' in the British checklist, which are not covered in your anotated copy of Amoros. These are Alona karelica & Bosmina longispina. If any other members can add pointers to the places in Amoros where these will key out and how to distinguish them we would welcome suggestions.
    This makes the Claude Amoros key, used in conjunction with Scourfield & Harding, much more user friendly although the usual species which are difficult to separate remain, such as the D. longispina / hyalina group.
    This pdf file is only 69 kb in size ...

    Download "Updating Crustaces Cladoceres By Claude Amoros for use in Britain & Ireland here

Download NINA posters on Waterfleas.

    This download is in pdf form and details 75 species of Cladocera of which 71 occur in the British Isles. Each poster deals with key characteristics for a single species with ecological notes and other information.
The posters were designed by Bjørn Walseng of the Norwegian institute for nature research (NINA) and so distribution maps are for Norway. The individual posters are available from the NINA website but Bjørn has generously given permission for us to provided the full set of posters to download in one go. This pdf file is a large download 6.07 mb in size ...

    Download the full set of NINA_posters.pdf here

    Visit the NINA website to download individual posters here.

Download a blank spreadsheet to enter Cladocera records.

    The Cladocera Interest Group wants to improve our knowledge of the British species and their distribution. To do this we rely on members to input records on our on-line system or post them in. We have a blank Excel spreadsheet you can use to input your records, the address for records and help on filling in are included on the spreadsheet. Click on the download link below:

Blank Record Sheet.xls 155 kb

Download the D.G.Frey collection of Cladoceran Literature, listed in a spreadsheet.

    The following is extracted from an article in Cladocera News 8 submitted by Rodney V. Harmsworth ....
"David Frey obtained a large number of papers while on sabbatical leave at the Museum of Natural History in London in 1963. The papers formed the basis of his literature collection.
I was a graduate student from 1963 to 1966, and was assigned the task of cataloguing Frey’s cladoceran literature. Subsequent to 1966 a secretary sent cards that were added to the file. Amy Collie assisted by entering the data into the file. This file represents most of the world’s cladoceran literature from O. F. Muller’s paper in 1769 to D. G. Frey’s paper in 1975. It consists of 1500 references. No attempt has been made to expand the file since that time.
David Frey’s son Karl informed me that his collection of literature, slides, specimens and collections were sent to the Smithsonian
This Excel file is a approximately 425 kb in size ...

    Download the spreadsheet .... Frey Cladoceran References.xlsx here

Download the Key to the known Bosminidae of Britain and the Netherlands.

    This key is in pdf form and was written by Martin Soesbergen of EIS in the Netherlands. It was first published in Cladocera News 8 where Martin wrote more notes about his experience with collecting & studying Bominidae. You can download Newsletter 8 here.
This pdf file is a approximately 1.82 mb in size ...

    Download the file: ..... Bosminidae_ Soesbergen.pdf here