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Last Updated January 2017 with 938 extra records and new maps for Bosmina longispina
In total 16927 records are represented on the maps below.
All maps available as a 50 page Atlas, now version 3B- March 2017 ..... Download here 5.13mb For a map of all atlas sites .... Click Here

          The table below shows the 92 species on the updated checklist for the British Isles published by the Cladocera Interest Group in 2011. 90 distribution maps have been created by combining recent records made by group members with data from literature sources and several thousand records from the database of the Biological Records Centre. We are grateful to Dr Helen Roy of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology for permission to use the BRC data, a great deal of which comes from the first Waterflea Recording Scheme run by John Hearne. Species for which we hold no records are noted as such, but obviously they have no map. (Note *** Chydorus gibbus has now been listed here as "Species inquirenda" for further details see John Bratton's article in Newsletter 5 p10.)

          There were rumours of a provisional atlas of waterfleas from John Hearne's time but this was apparently not widely available and no copy has been found. The maps below will hopefully fulfil the function of a provisional atlas in a modern format having the advantage that the individual maps can be quickly updated when new records arrive, although it should be born in mind that at present the number of records is not as large as we would like. Each map is available in two formats.

          To the right of each species name are two links to a GIF or WMF file. The green GIF link will produce a distribution map in a pop up browser window which can be enlarged to suit the viewer. This image is best used for viewing on screen although it can also be downloaded. The second link in blue will allow you to download the map as a Windows Metafile. WMF graphics are useful because in most Windows software like Word or Excel the map can be enlarged without losing detail or causing pixelation.

          Please acknowledge the Cladocera Interest Group if you download maps for use in your own papers or other publications.

 Acantholeberis curvirostris

 Acroperus angustatus

 Acroperus harpae

 Alona affinis

 Alona costata

 Alona elegans

 Alona guttata

 Alona intermedia

 Alona karelica

  No Records
Species inquirenda

 Alona quadrangularis

 Alona rustica

 Alona weltneri

 Alonella excisa

 Alonella exigua

 Alonella nana

 Alonopsis elongata

 Anchistropus emarginatus

 Bosmina coregoni

 Bosmina longirostris
(includes 12 records of B. longirostris f. cornuta)

 Bosmina longispina new

 Bythotrephes longimanus

 Camptocercus lilljeborgi

 Camptocercus rectirostris

 Ceriodaphnia dubia

 Ceriodaphnia laticaudata

 Ceriodaphnia megops

 Ceriodaphnia pulchella

 Ceriodaphnia quadrangula
(includes a single East Anglian record of
C. quadrangula f. hamata )

 Ceriodaphnia reticulata

 Ceriodaphnia setosa

 Chydorus gibbus

  No Records ***
Species inquirenda

 Chydorus latus
Species inquirenda

 Chydorus ovalis

 Chydorus sphaericus

 Coronatella rectangula

 Daphnia ambigua

 Daphnia atkinsoni

 Daphnia cucullata

 Daphnia curvirostris

 Daphnia galeata

 Daphnia hyalina

 Daphnia longispina

 Daphnia magna

 Daphnia obtusa

 Daphnia parvula

 Daphnia pulex

 Daphnia rosea

 Diaphanosoma brachyurum

 Disparalona rostrata

 Drepanothrix dentata

 Dunhevedia crassa

 Eurycercus glacialis

 Eurycercus lamellatus

 Graptoleberis testudinaria

 Holopedium gibberum

 Ilyocryptus acutifrons

 Ilyocryptus agilis

 Ilyocryptus sordidus

 Kurzia latissima

 Lathonura rectirostris

 Latona setifera

 Leptodora kindti

 Leydigia acanthocercoides

 Leydigia leydigi

 Macrothrix hirsuticornis

 Macrothrix laticornis

 Macrothrix rosea

 Megafenestra aurita

 Moina brachiata

 Moina macrocopa

 Moina micrura

  No Records
Species inquirenda

 Monospilus dispar

 Ophryoxus gracilis

 Oxyurella tenuicaudis

 Paralona pigra

 Phreatalona protzi new

 Pleuroxus aduncus

 Pleuroxus denticulatus

 Pleuroxus laevis

 Pleuroxus trigonellus

 Pleuroxus truncatus

 Pleuroxus uncinatus

 Polyphemus pediculus

 Pseudochydorus globosus

 Rhynchotalona falcata

 Scapholeberis mucronata

 Sida crystallina

 Simocephalus exspinosus

 Simocephalus serrulatus

 Simocephalus vetulus

 Streblocerus serricaudatus

 Tretocephala ambigua