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Location ~

  This site is based in the village of Boxford, nestled in the valley of the river Box, in the county of Suffolk in England. An old photo of the village can be seen in the background to this page.

Content ~
  As a freelance consultant I run Boxvalley AquaSurveys
& I am Suffolk County Recorder for Freshwater Invertebrates

  Boxvalley incorporates information pages from the
Freshwater Invertebrate Survey of Suffolk
  It also provides some free downloads useful for freshwater ecology
  Gives Information for students on my
Freshwater Courses at Flatford Mill Field Studies Centre

  In addition we program the Suffolk Naturalists' Society webpages,
  Past issues of the SNS members magazine White Admiral

I hope there is plenty of general interest for fellow naturalists within Boxvalley, so please feel free to browse my site

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